Tattinger Marsh
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About Us

Tattinger Marsh Limited is a firmly established and fully fledged shopping destination in the heart of the world famous and über chic Cotswolds.

Initially conceived as a small, family run business, it's popularity has exploded - starting with the locals and after eight amazing years and a sister store in Singapore, we have fans stretching the world over. We have always prided ourselves on our unique style, truly scrumptious products, efficient and friendly service and all of this at very reasonable prices to match any purse.

Here at TML, we love everything in our little Emporium but you only have to listen to our customers to understand why we're in this business. It's rare not to hear, "I love this shop - if I worked in here, I'd have no wages left!" Time and time again we hear this and it never fails to make us smile!

And on that note, we do hope that you too enjoy browsing through our online store. We will always be adding new and beautiful pieces so be sure to keep us in the forefront of your mind if you're after something truly special.

Thank you for visiting,
From all of us here at Tattinger Marsh.